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Welcome to Jewel One, where Beautiful Jewellery meets Beautiful You. From the house of Emerald Jewel Industry, one of Asia's largest jewellery makers, We have over 6,00,000+ designs in chains, bangles and any & every jewellery article you need.
With timeless masterpieces and endless customisation possibilities - We stand by our tagline - “Women's Heart is Where We Start - Penn Manadhai Purintha Pon”.
  • 6,00,000+ Designs
  • Timeless Quality
  • 55+ Stores in Tamil Nadu
  • Made In India
Latest Collections
Our New Launches
  • TVAM 2.0
    January 13th 2023
    new offer
    TVAM 2.0
    A Wedding creates memories for a lifetime! Make every moment special with TVAM 2.0 - A collection la
  • Katha Collection 3
    August 3rd 2023
    Katha Collection
    Introducing "Katha," a jewellery collection where every piece is a masterpiece, reflecting the stori
  • Amara Collection
    August 3rd 2023
    Amara Collection
    Whether you're looking for a striking statement piece for a special occasion or a subtle touch of ev
  • Miraya Collection
    September 5th 2023
    Miraya Collection
    Introducing 'Miraya'... Miraya is more than just jewellery; it's a statement of individuality and st
Hear the Joyful Experiences with Jewel One
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    Siddha Doctor
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    Makeup Artist
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    Loyal Customer
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  • Sushmita , a bride from Pollachi, shares her happiest moment of customising her entire bridal jewellery with Jewel One. Join her as she narrates the story of how her dream jewellery became a reality, making her special day even more magical.
  • Meet Sujatha, a Siddha Doctor from Ramanathapuram, who designed her own jewellery with Jewel One. Hear her feedback as she shares the joy of crafting her unique pieces and choosing Jewel One to be part of her precious moments every time
  • Meet Nandhini, a talented Makeup Artist from Coimbatore. She fell in love with Jewel One at her sister's wedding and wants to share her thoughts. Listen to Nandhini as she tells us how much she adores Jewel One and how it has added a special touch to her work and personal style.
  • Say hello to Srinivasan, a happy Jewel One customer for more than 7 years. Join us as he talks about why he loves Jewel One and how it has been a part of his joyous moments over the years.
  • Get to know the wonderful customers from Ramnanathapuram who chose Jewel One for all their jewellery moments. See how they are benefitting from investing monthly in their Jewellery Schemes.
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